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Old-time black and white photo of horse-drawn carriages parked in front of the Borden’s Condensed Milk factory.

Our History

When our friends discover Eagle Foods is less than 10 years old, they can’t believe it. It’s true, though. Some of our brands have delighted customers for more than century.

So how can that be? It’s a simple story.

Eagle Foods was once a division of The J.M. Smucker Company. We took off on our own in December 2015 when founders Paul Wagstaff and Jeff Boyle took ownership of four iconic canned milk brands: Eagle Brand® Sweetened Condensed Milk and Evaporated Milk, Magnolia® Sweetened Condensed Milk, PET® Milk, and Milnot Evaporated Milk.

Then we started growing. The G.H. Cretors popcorn brand joined Eagle Foods in 2017, and we acquired the Helper and Suddenly Salad brands from General Mills in 2022.

Today, Eagle Foods offers consumers and retailers amazing products in three core categories: snacks, baking, and meals and sides. And we’re only getting started.

Still curious how we’ve grown? Check out the timeline below.

Framed portrait of Gail Borden and a can of Borden’s Condensed Milk from 1856.


Gail Borden introduces Eagle Brand evaporated milk

PET milk company debuts as the Helvatia Milk Condensing Company

Charles Cretors patents the process for popping corn and the machine to do it with


Black and white advertisement for PET milk from 1885.
Group of Rough Riders (men with an American flag) gather during the Spanish American war in 1898.


Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders are supplied with PET milk during the Spanish-American War

Milnut evaporated milk debuts


Old-time advertisement, including recipes, for Milnut evaporated milk from 1912.
Colorful cartoonish advertisement debuting Elsie the Borden Cow talking to a sickly (greenish) looking cow across a fence from 1939.


Milnut renamed Milnot Elsie the Borden Cow makes her debut

A brass floor marker in the Seneca, Mo., Milnot plant denotes the Missouri-Oklahoma border, on which the plant was built.


Overhead view of the Milnot factory that dissected the state line between Missouri and Oklahoma in 1948.
Photo advertisement of several boxes of Hamburger Helper, that can be served any night for dinner, when it debuted in 1971.


Hamburger Helper debuts nationally

Helper introduces Lefty, its spokes character


Blonde woman smiling as she overlooks a cooking pan full of Hamburger Helper with the product box sitting on the counter next to Lefty, the white glove “spokes character.”

Hamburger Helper lands at No. 3 in Food Network’s Top 5 Food Fads of the 1970s


Box of Hamburger Helper featured next to a blue pan full of Helper and dinner rolls with salt and pepper shakers in the background.
Popcorn Indiana logo touting “Where the Real Stuff is Grown.”


Popcorn Indiana brand popcorn is introduced in the U.S.

Eagle Foods is established, named after the Eagle Brand condensed milk created by Gail Borden


Eagle Foods logo


For Eagle Foods, 2017 was poppin’. The company acquired both the Popcorn Indiana and G.H. Cretors brands.

Eagle Foods acquires Helper and Suddenly Salad brands


Overhead view of a bowl of Suddenly Salad pasta salad on the left and a pan of noodle Helper on the right.
Overhead view of tabletop with three red bags of Popcorn Indiana products: Crispy & Savory Sea Salt on the left, Black & White Fudge Drizzle in the middle, and Movie Theater Butter on the right.

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