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Bold brands you trust and love

It sounds like such a simple idea – but it’s much more than that. It’s our anthem.
It’s what we strive to achieve each day we step up to the dinner plate. We take pride in cultivating bold brands. Brands you rely on to make classic family recipes. Brands you rely on when you want to surprise your friend with a new dish. Brands that become part of your extended family.

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Meal Solutions

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Overhead view of a woman’s hand selecting a piece of popcorn from a red bowl nestled in the center of four red bags of Popcorn, Indiana.
Two rows, four in back two in front, of six red bags of Popcorn, Indiana products ranging from kettle corn to white cheddar options.

Popcorn, Indiana

Popcorn Indiana. Tender little kernels of joy for you and your family. It’s delicious, ready-to-eat fun in a big red bag that’s perfect for sharing.

Two rows, four in back three in front, of seven bags of Cretors popcorn products ranging from Four Cheese to Caramel options.

Cretors Popcorn

It’s a mouth-watering break from your day. It’s a flavor-filled moment to yourself. It’s a love letter sent straight to your taste buds. And at Cretors, it’s the reason we get up in the morning.

Cozy overhead image of a woman’s hands holding a mug of hot chocolate and another woman’s hand selecting a piece of dark chocolate drizzle Cretors popcorn from a bowl next to a soft blanket.

Eagle Brand Condensed Milk

Rich chocolate candies, moist cookie bars, light and luscious cheesecakes, fudgy frostings, caramel flans, and creamy smooth ice cream – just a few of the classic desserts you can make with Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk.

Close up of a light blue and white can of Borden’s Magnolia brand Sweetened Condensed Milk.

Magnolia Sweetened Condensed Milk

Magnolia® Sweetened Condensed Milk has served the Hispanic community for more than 45 years. Magnolia products are specifically formulated to perfectly complement slightly sweeter Hispanic recipes such as flans, tres leches cake, and many more. 

Can of Borden Magnolia brand fat-free sweetened condensed milk lying next to a pan of chocolate fudge and a cup of chocolate chips.
A chocolatey cake base layer with a melted and toasted marshmallow topping.
Close up of a red, white and blue can of PET brand Evaporated Milk.

PET Milk

Since 1885, customers have counted on PET Milk to turn ordinary recipes into family favorites. After all, it’s the original evaporated milk.

Close up of a red, white, blue and yellow can of Milnot brand Evaporated Filled Milk.

Milnot Milk

Milnot products begin with only the highest-grade fresh dairy milk. Then, following our special recipe and process, we create a product that’s even more convenient than fresh milk to store and use.

Chocolatey beverage in a clear glass with white heart design in top of froth.
Black bowl of creamy Hamburger Helper noodles next to a leafy green side salad with tomatoes and cucumbers.
Two rows, three in back and two in front, of five red boxes of Hamburger Helper products ranging from Three Cheese to Potatoes Stroganoff.


Helper was launched in 1970 and brings families together with tasty and convenient meal solutions. We believe dinnertime is special and helps you gather everyone together to find their seat at the table.

Two rows of ten green boxes of Suddenly Salad products ranging from Creamy Macaroni to Ranch and Bacon.


Suddenly Pasta Salad brings you the taste of summer all year long with convenient and fresh pasta and deli salads.

Large white bowl of Suddenly Pasta Salad with black olives and cheese.