What we’re all about

We were born for this business.
Waking up every day and delivering brands and food that bring people together and foster connection is what drives us.  

Mom sitting on a dock with two little girls, eating from a bag of caramel and cheese popcorn while ducks waddle in the background.

Young company,
rich history

At first glance, you’ll see that our experience outweighs the age of our company. Eagle Foods was established in December 2015. So, yes, our company is new. Our brands, on the other hand, present a different history lesson altogether.  

Filled with tradition, heritage, and lots and lots of recipes, our brands have been category leaders for more than 150 years. And we can’t wait to keep adding names you know and love to that list, so you have something new to bring to your dinner table every night.  

Our Culture

Building a culture where people make a difference, as part of a cohesive team is central to our success!

Our Purpose

Connecting people through enjoyable food with brands they love.

Our Mission

To build a diversified food company that revitalizes brands, leads with innovation and creates a place where people are making a difference.

Our Values


We believe that behaving and acting like an owner makes us more resourceful.


We believe that success comes from working together across all functions towards a common purpose.


We believe that quality is at the core of every decision.


We believe that our decisions and choices should always be guided by moral and ethical principles.

We commit…

  • to deliver value and quality food for all families
  • to reinforce a responsible supply chain through continuous improvements
  • to provide an inclusive workplace with equal oppotunities for all
  • to take a long-term view on key decisions
Two Eagle Foods employees talking next to a wall that says "Think BIG, start small, act quickly"

Our Leadership

Our leadership team is a dynamic and entrepreneurial bunch fueled by their passion for building categories and brands. This shouldn’t come as any surprise. The only thing better than loving what you do is working with people who love what they do, too.